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Brookridge is a go!

Monday, October 29th, 2007
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So, now it’s official! After a couple of inspections, we decided to go forward with the Brookridge home! We are still getting all the details worked out. Our closing date is November 29th. Here’s a 10 minute tour of the house:

House hunting…and buying (!)

Friday, October 19th, 2007
count them: four facts about business that will help you create mobile app developmentWell, the big news over here is that we are getting very very close to buying a house! I’ll explain, but first….some photos. We realized we don’t have a photo of the best feature, the park right across the street (!), but here is it from one side.


An the other….


So, Thomaz found this house online about a month ago on Yahoo real estate. It’s in the neighborhood where we’re currently renting, and so we decided to drive by and check it out. And we absolutely loved the location, it’s right on this little park, and just feels like the middle of the forest, but it’s the middle of Atlanta, half a mile from Piedmont park. We decided we had to find a Realtor so that we could check this house out. So, last week we found a guy we liked, and he agreed with us that this house was a great price for this location. Mainly because it is owned by a builder that was going to renovate it into a monstrosity of a house, but because the market is bad he’s having to get rid of it. Yeah for us!

We decided to make an offer, and this week we settled on a price, and now we’re into the inspection phase. We went through the house with an inspector this morning, and it is definitely an old house (built in 1925), but there doesn’t seem to be anything major that needs to be fixed. Don’t get me wrong, it is a quirky old house, for example check out this door frame from one of the bedrooms upstairs… (this didn’t actually end up being as big a deal as we thought it was)


But we were really excited that the results of the inspection were good! So, it’s looking like we’re going to be home owners…crazy! We’re planning to do a second inspection, just to be sure that we’re not getting in over our heads with a major fixer-upper, so that will probably happen next week. And if everything goes as planned we’ll close on the house at the end of November. We’ll post more pics soon…

Trip to Boston & Applefest

Friday, October 19th, 2007
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A few weeks ago, we had a great trip to Boston. It was our first trip back since the move, so it was pretty strange to not have a “home,” but we had so much fun seeing all our pals.  For the third year in a row, Team Gelato made a stellar showing at the Applefest Half Marathon and relay. Thomaz was our only member that did the half marathon, and we had two relay teams. It was a pretty hot day for a run, I think it got up to 80 that day!

The rest of the weekend flew by, lots of meals and drinks and catching up! On Saturday, I had a great time at my friend Rachel’s bachelorette party, and we’re looking forward to heading back again for the wedding in a couple of weeks. Here we are outside of our favorite brunch spot on Sunday, Johnny D’s.


New Mini

Friday, October 5th, 2007

Since we got to Atlanta, we’ve been on the look out for a second car. So that we don’t have to use good ‘ol gramps on a daily basis. My first choice was a Mini Cooper, so we decided to spend some time checking the used car ads here, to see if anything good came along. And about 2 weeks ago, we found it! A 2004 Mini automatic. We bought it from this really nice couple that lives way out in the suburbs. It was their 3rd car, so they hardly drove it, so it feels brand new. It’s been so much fun 🙂 We love it!