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Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 27th, 2007
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My mom and brother, Scott (and dog Ivan), came to visit us this week for Christmas. We had a great time! They arrived on Sunday just a couple days after we’d moved, so it was fun to have guests right away. We even had time to go out and get a Christmas tree at the last minute. It was slim pickin’s and mostly just the Charlie brown trees left, but we managed to find a nice one. And it’s great to have the smell of pine tree in the house instead of paint 🙂

The weather was great for their visit, so we did a lot of walking around our neighborhood, and took them to some of our new favorite restaurants in the area. We did a lot of the Lockerd traditions, even though we were missing my dad (working in Yemen) and brother Pat (sunning in St. Martin). Like other families we like to decorate Christmas cookies together, but our decorating has turned into a fierce competition over the years (with much trash talking of course). Here we are towards the end of the decorating with our table full of masterpieces…


Usually, after decorating, we then proceed to come up with some voting scheme, which definitely changes every year. This year however, we were all in agreement that Thomaz took the prize with his Patrick starfish (a la Spongebob Squarepants…) I’m so proud!


Scott had fun helping Thomaz with some man-things around the house, like getting our new washer and dryer into the basement (through a tiny 26×43 inch side door!) and climbing around on the roof to clean out the gutters.


It was great to have some time to just sit back and relax after a hectic couple of weeks moving in, and so fun to have visitors right away to enjoy the new place with us! Wish they could have stayed longer… (love you guys!)

Visitors for the Holidays…

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

cory and erica's visit to atlanta We’re excited to be having lots of friends and family stop by around the holidays. Last week Cory and Erica made a stop in Atlanta for a few days. Cory was my officemate at MIT, and he just finished up his PhD. They are on a road trip around the country for 6 weeks, before their move to Hong Kong to start a robot company, Intuitive Automata. So, we had a great time catching up with them and hearing all about their plans and adventures. They both went to undergrad at Georgia Tech, so it was fun to go around and hear about some great restaurants and things around town that we have to try. And they introduced us to a great mexican place, yum!

The last night they were in town we did a little bar hopping in our neighborhood. The picture to the left is at the Darkhorse Tavern where Cory and Thomaz tried their hand at “Game Show Night.” Erica summarized it nicely here!  Though she didn’t mention that they also took us to the Claremont Lounge, which (to our amazement) the NY Times calls an “Atlanta Landmark.”  Check out the description under #8, unfortunately (I think) we didn’t get to see Blondie…

They made their way to Houston for Christmas, and now are off to Austin. Thomaz and I had fun reminiscing about Austin to come up recommendations for their trip!

Painting, fixing up, and moving!

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007
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The last two weeks have been pretty busy getting ready to move to the new house. The biggest project by far was the painting. Several of the walls downstairs needed some attention. We had to learn about patching drywall, and things like that. Here’s a picture of the wall with the biggest crack that we patched up!


And it turns out all those DIY websites are right about painting, the preparation is like 80% of the job. I was in charge of most of the taping, which seemed to take hours. But if you have any obsessive compulsive tendencies, you get into a groove, and it’s pretty satisfying to finally finish completely taping a room 🙂



Then we finally got to paint, and I was pretty excited to see the lime green walls go! Thomaz was a champ with the plunger painter (“the big dude”) It’s a tool we learned about from my dad that lets you suck up a bunch of paint into the handle and then slowly push it through the roller as needed. It’s nice, but cleaning it up was a bit of a pain. Thomaz even painted our living room ceiling!



We’ll have to take some proper “after” photos so you can see the transformation 🙂 But we’re really happy with our first house project! In addition to painting, last week we had tons of workers over to do odds and ends before we moved on Friday (air duct cleaning, lawn cleaning, house cleaning, plumbing, pest inspection…). There was one day last week, I think Tuesday, that we had everyone here at once, it felt very productive!


Then we had movers on Friday 8am, and by noon we pretty much had all of our stuff in the new place. It’s already feeling like home, we love it!