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Boston-Atlanta Photos

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Last July we drove down from Boston to Atlanta and posted a few pictures along the way. I finally uploaded all the pictures from the trip.

Heat is ON!

Saturday, January 26th, 2008


omg. 46 degrees is cold! This has been the temperature of our house for the last few days, since our furnace stopped working on the coldest week of the year (!) The good news is we have two, one for upstairs and one for down. So, the bedrooms upstairs are still warm, but downstairs we’ve been bundling up and trying to stay warm by the fire!

We busted out the “Home Depot 1-2-3” book, and were pretty sure that we would be able to at least diagnose the problem. But eventually we had to call a repair person to come over and replace some ignition control unit. And now we are warm again!!

A visit from Brazil!

Saturday, January 26th, 2008


Thomaz’s mom visited this week. Now that she back to flight attend-ing, flying halfway around the world is no big deal 🙂 So, she had a 5 day break and decided to come up to Atlanta. We had a great time with her, showing her the house, and the city. She’s a big shopper, so we introduced her to IKEA and Thomaz was pretty sure she was going to explode, she had fun.


It has been pretty chilly here, so this week we finally got the chimney cleaned so we could have some nice relaxing time in front of the fire. It was great to catch up with her. I got to practice some Portuguese, and I think I’m getting better…I still don’t bother with conjugation, but Thomaz doesn’t seem to have to translate my Portuguese into Portuguese too much any more 🙂

That’s One Talented Bro

Saturday, January 26th, 2008


Scott painted our Christmas present this year, and last weekend I finally got it framed and hung up. Now it is cheering up the kitchen, we love it!

Snowing in Georgia?!

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008


What the heck…we thought we were done with snow, but it snowed for a couple of hours in Atlanta today. Weird!

Happy New Year

Saturday, January 12th, 2008
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What a year, 2007 was a whirlwind over here, but we’re starting to feel nice and settled in Atlanta. And we were so excited to have our friends Mike and Joanie here to ring in the new year with us! We had a little New Year’s party with some of Joanie’s friends from high school who are also in town. And we even played Joanie’s “Fun Game” after much advertising 🙂

They were here for a few days, and it was tons of fun to catch up! The weather was great, we hadn’t gotten our cold spell yet, so we did a lot of walking around, visited Piedmont park, local restaurants, good stuff like that. I was looking back, and we didn’t take too many pictures, but probably because we were too busy hanging out, chatting, and geeking out…