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The Padres

Sunday, February 17th, 2008


My parents came for a visit last weekend, and we had a blast! Luckily the weather was great, before it got cold and rainy here. Here we are on our way out for a walk to a neighborhood coffee shop. We did a few tourist things, spent an afternoon at the Atlanta History Center which was great. Abe (the dog) loved the park right by our house, and one day we even took him over to the Piedmont dog park and he met all kinds of doggy friends, so that was fun.

But we couldn’t make my dad relax for very long, he was ready to get things done around the house. He had packed up their suburban with all kinds of tools and handy-man things. It was pretty amazing the number of projects that got done in 4 days! Here’s some photo documentation of a couple of the big ones…

First, many people have heard me complain about our futon over the years. It’s a futon that Thomaz got when he lived in Seattle. He arrived in Seattle with no furniture, and went on craigslist to stock up his apt. He found someone selling an IKEA coffee table for $20, so he went to get it. When he was there, they had a broken futon that they said he could have for free since he was buying the coffee table. We still have it, it’s always been broken, and recently it’s so bad that you’re pretty much sitting on the floor. …Dad to the rescue.


He totally fixed it. We got a big ol 2×6 and put it in there as a brace. Thomaz and I just sort of stood around, watched, and handed over nails and things….


And sure enough, no more sagging to the floor!! SWEET! And that was just the beginning, the other big thing was fixing the gutter and replacing a lot of rotten boards on the back of the house. Dad ripped out the old boards, and taught us a little bit of carpentry with chalk lines, and power saws, and rivet guns.


It was pretty impressive, and I worked with dad on this one, so it’s completely demystified the whole prospect of working on the house. I feel completely prepared to tackle another piece of rotten gutter boards on the front side of the house! And he did lots of other little things around the house too, and hooked us up with some handy tools…thanks Dad!

Even with all the working around the house, we had a nice relaxing weekend. Lots of nice meals at home, and some good catching up time. Fun fun!

Waiting for Spring

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

It’s still February, but we really thought that things were supposed to be getting a little warmer down here in Atlanta by now. I guess we were wrong!


How to break in to your shed

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008


In our backyard we have this tool shed, with a deck on top. And the seller forgot to bring the keys to the shed to the closing, so we haven’t been able to get inside and start using it for storage and whatnot. For about a month he’s said he was going to come over and get the keys to us, but never has. So, last weekend I decided that enough is enough. I went after it with an electric drill.

Google said that I would just have to drill through the top of the lock, so that the pins were loose, then it should be easy. I wouldn’t call it easy, but after about 45 minutes and a couple of broken drill bits, I had this…  sweet!


And now apparently we own a lawnmower and a whole bunch of other treasure (perhaps trash?) It’s hard to believe that this guy didn’t want to come over and get all his stuff… He’s a builder/contractor, so it seems like just a load of stuff leftover from old jobs. Like, we found a brand new sink in there! Crazy…