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Thursday, April 17th, 2008


Last weekend we adopted 2 puppies from the Atlanta Humane Society! We went with the intention of getting one, but decided to take two. They are soooo sweet, and it’s a good thing that they are so cute because, as we are learning, it’s a lot of work in the beginning.

One is a black lab mix, we call him Mario, the other is a shepard mix, and we call him Luigi! Here they are hanging out in their crates (which Luigi likes, and Mario is not sure about…) We were told that Luigi was 2 mo. and Mario was 4 mo., but then took them to the vet a couple days ago, and he said based on their teeth they’re both about 4 mo., and Luigi is probably a couple weeks older.


It’s been a little hard to get photos, because they either want to eat the camera:


Or they are in the midst of a fierce game of bite-face in the backyard. They’re still workng out the pecking order, but it seems like Luigi might be the big cheese.


But sometimes they do stop long enough to eat sticks, which they like way better than any of the toys we got them. But mostly, like any little brothers, they desperately want anything that the other one has. After a couple days, their settling into life at 754 Brookridge, and their little personalities are coming out. It’s been hectic, but fun!


Rule #1 have fun

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

 We’re starting to get to know our neighbors a little bit, especially now that the weather is getting nicer and people are outside a bit more.   Last weekend, we saw the people who live next door and their cute little 4 year old twins, playing in the park across the street.

We stopped over to say hi and the kids were all dressed up in their soccer outfits.  Turns out they play on a kiddy team, and their dad, Norm, is the coach.   So, we were asking them about their team and if they had a good game, and of course they are still pretty shy around us, so they needed a little prompting from dad.  Norm says, “yeah, we have a great little team, right guys?  Griffin what’s rule number one?”  and Griffin pipes up “…have fun!”  Dana what’s rule number two?  “…try your best”  and rule number three?  “…get the ball from the other guys…”

We were cracking up!  …rule #1 have fun is the best…

Spring Break in Europe

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008


After several years of not paying attention to the “school year,” now I’m paying attention to these things again 🙂 Georgia Tech’s spring break was last week, and fortunately I had a conference in Amsterdam right before it, so I stayed on for a little vacation! Thomaz had planned to go to Brazil around the same time, so I convinced my mom to join me for a week and we toured around Amsterdam and went for a side trip to Brugge, Belgium.

Amsterdam was great. Luckily, I waited until the last minute to book a hotel, and the conference hotel was full. So, I went searching online and found this great apartment that we were able to rent for the week. It was right on the canal.


It was pretty chilly still on March, but we bundled up in scarfs and hats and saw all the sights. Van Gogh, Anne Frank’s house, red light girls, the flower market, and all that fun stuff….

mom flowers

Then after a few days in Amsterdam we took a train to Belgium, about 3 hours away to a cute little town called Brugge. It was a nice contrast to the big city, we stayed there for two nights. It was a very cool medieval town, with neat buildings that remind you of castles, beautiful cathedrals, a huge belltower (we climbed all the way to the top!). There were plenty of opportunities to shop for chocolate and hand-made lace, two of Belgium’s claims to fame….


And we ended our day of site-seeing with a tour of the local brewery, fun fun! And then it was back to Amsterdam for just a night before heading back to the US of A.