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Mountain Dogs

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Mario and Luigi LOVED the mountains.  They cased deer, squirrels, a black bear…  They were completely exhausted every night, it was pretty cute.  Here they are looking like majestic mountain dogs…


Sunday, August 24th, 2008

One of the best days at the cabin was when we went up top to the mountain lakes of the Snowy range (about a 15 min drive from the cabin).  It was some beautiful scenery.

Mom and I mostly hiked around and took pictures while everyone fished.  It tooks us a few hours to hike around the lake, stopping to fish as we went around.

The happy fishermen:

Cabin time

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

We had a great trip to the family cabin in Wyoming a couple weeks ago.  You can see all the photos on our Photos page to the right.

The cabin is right on a little creek, that is home to many trout.   All the fishing this time was catch and release, but sometimes we do a nice fish fry with what everyone catches for the week.

Everyone had their dogs there, so it was a full house.  We had Mario and Luigi, and my parents brought Abe, and Scott brought little Ivan and Jacque.  They all played together well, and we mostly just let them roam free outside all day, which is nice.

We were there with my parents, and my brother Scott and my nephew Noah.

During the day Noah was usually busy taking aim at trees with a BB gun, or the blowgun, or clearing brush with the machete…

…but in the evenings we had some competitive games of Monopoly, UNO, and did a fun puzzle.


Friday, August 15th, 2008

Finishing up a great week at the cabin. More posts to come, with pictures, but first one of the trip highlights…

Yesterday morning we got up and took the dogs out for food at 7am. All of the sudden they took off running and barking. We look up and see that they are chasing after a black bear, it was about 30 ft away from us. It was turning to go away from us, but started running when the dogs went after it.

We’re proud of our beasts!!

Look Pat, a Crop!!

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

I was thinking of my brother Pat as we drove through Kansas (which is neverending by the way). When we were growing up we would drive to visit family every summer, major road trip, 18hrs in the van. We were plugged in to headphones most of the time, my parents were ahead of that curve.

One trip we had all been quiet for awhile thru the vast nothingness of Kansas, and Pat (3 or 4) looks out the window, takes off the headphones, and asks, “dad…is that a crop?”

My dad says, “yea pat, it is ” and then seized the opportunity to bestow some wisdom about farming and all kinds of important things only to notice several mins later that pat had plugged back in to the gameboy. He was happy just to know it was a crop…

Pat, we’re missing you in denver! Arrived yesterday, as did the padres, stayed the night at Scott’s place in hip downtown Denver. Now we are all caravanning up to the cabin!

On the road

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

We set off on our summer vacation road trip yesterday. Packed up the dogs and hit the road on a rented 4runner at about 10am.

We drove for about 550 miles. It is actually pretty nice that we need to stop and let the dogs walk around every couple hours. You wouldn’t normally go for a 15 min walk at a gas station reststop, but it’s a nice reason to move around a little.

Thomaz is pretty impressed with how fast you make progress at 80 mph cmpared to 55. This is his first cross country trip in a car other than Gramps!

The Wire

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Wow, we haven’t posted in a while, maybe it’s because we’ve been spending so much time watching The Wire.  We heard about it thanks to our Atlanta friends, Rich and Agata, and then realized that all of our Boston friends were watching (read: obsessed with) it too! Very fun..

Other than the wire, we are having a good summer.  The pups are good.  And we’re excited about our upcoming road trip to spend a few days at my parents cabin in Wyoming.  I’ve got a robotics workshop in San Francisco this week, and as soon as I get home we’ll hit the road.

We’ll definitely try to doing some posts to thomaswithaz from the road.  I’m downloading the WordPress iPhone app and everything.  Stay tuned…