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Gramps Retires

Monday, August 24th, 2009

A few weeks ago we had a momentous occasion at our house — a retirement party for Thomaz’s 1986 Honda Accord “Gramps”.  Good ‘ol Gramps has put in a whopping 241K miles, but now due to some fuel injection problem it only starts intermittently, so we’ve pretty much stopped using it.

Thomaz will have to do his own post about Gramps one of these days, and give a little retrospective, but in a nutshell he’s had this car since 1996, it’s taken him across the country 3 times (Austin-Boston, Seattle-Boston, and Boston-Atlanta!) and it definitely become a car with its own personality!   So here are some photos from the party.

Gramps got dressed up for the party with lights and coolers of beer in the back.



Thomaz got dressed up too.  He’s wearing the 1986 advertisement for the Honda Accord!  (Thanks for finding that one Scott…)


We set out drinks and desert using Gramps’ hood as the buffet.


And I’m saving the best for last!  Our friends Agata and Rich surprised us with a Gramps cake…like on TV…it was awesome.  They took a picture to a cake shop and they recreated Gramps, it even had the bumper falling off on the right side in the back!!



Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Ok, I think Lucas has officially figured out that he has some control over these things at the end of his arms.  He’s started finding and sucking on his fingers a lot the last few days.


And we’ve been playing with his rings with him a lot and sometimes he’ll kind of reach out and accidentally grab them.  At first he doesn’t really realize he has them…


and then he makes a funny realization, and you can see him looking at himself moving the rings with amazement!   He needs a lot of assistance with the grabbing, but is sure to get the hang of it soon…


All Smiles

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Here’s a quick video of Lucas and his new trick, this is from just a couple days ago.  He loves to “chat” If you talk to him, he just smiles and laughs. He’s especially happy and interactive in the mornings, it’s really fun.    He’s also figured out how to rock his chair by himself when he kicks really hard.  So, now whenever we have him in that chair he is hard at work the whole time, it’s great.  He definitely has a lot of energy, when he’s awake he never stops moving.  We will certainly have our work cut out for us when this boy gets mobile!

Password on the video is ‘pitanga’

Happy Chair Time from Edison Thomaz on Vimeo.

Rivet Stylin’

Monday, August 10th, 2009

This post is mostly for my dad, so he will know that I’ve been putting the rivet gun that he bought us to good use! Perhaps not the home repair that he had in mind, but good use none the less.

I have this purse that I bought in Italy thinking it would be a good laptop bag, which it was for about 2 months before one of the straps broke. I was bummed, had it repaired at a shoe shop. It proceeded to break again immediately…bummed.

Fast forward 2 years, now I own a rivet gun and decided to do some leather-working.  Here’s the pesky broken strap.


First made a hole for the rivet with a hammer and nail.


Then some rivet goodness.


Viola! Like new, and I did the three other straps too, so it looks like it was supposed to be that way.



Monday, August 10th, 2009

We have few old drafts of posts lying around, that I’ve been meaning to finish up, so I’m going to get some of these posted before getting on to newer things…

Since Lucas was a month early, he caught us by surprise in terms of having his room ready. For the first few weeks he was in our room anyway, but now he’s officially got his own digs.

Here are some recent photos.




Grandpa Clark did a great job putting up shelves in the closet, now it is soooo much more useful.


And I got a little crafty with the wall decor, with some help from Grandma Jan we made some fun little chairs for bears to hang out on the wall.