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Water Fun

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

They just opened a whole new section of Piedmont Park, and we are loving the water fountain park. We may opt to just play here instead of the pool most of the summer, much easier to supervise!  Lucas loves water, so needless to say he loved the fountain park, it was really fun to watch him explore it for the first time!

(Video pw=pitanga)

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Lucas’ 2nd Birthday!

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Lucas turned 2 last Monday, so we had a whole week of birthday celebrating. Thanks to daycare he knows all about birthdays, and in the couple of weeks leading up to his birthday any time you ask him if he was excited about his birthday, he looked at you and said “cupcake!” So for him birthday==cupcakes==good stuff.

So of course we had to take cupcakes to school on Monday, and spent 30-45 mins there with the kids at lunchtime. It was cute. They definitely all knew the drill, we gotta sing this song, and then we get the goods. And everyone licked all the icing off first and many left the rest of the cupcake (i.e., the icing holder) behind.

On his birthday, we picked him up early from daycare, spent some time at the park, had his all time favorite dinner–Trader Joe’s Gnochi (?!), and opened some presents. He knows about presents now too, and ripped into them. One highlight was the talking card from Grandma Rosie (pw=pitanga).

His present from us was a toddler soccer goal, which he found very entertaining to get inside and throw around, and liked throwing the ball at the back of the goal better than the front (pw=pitanga).

Then this weekend we had a birthday party in the park with 8 little friends.  We had cake and kicked balls around and fed the ducks and had a lot of fun catching up with all of our busy parent friends!  Lucas loved the cake, but his friend Alex had to teach him about blowing out candles (pw=pitanga).

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I Touched A Truck

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

This weekend, our plans were derailed on the way to the grocery store because we accidentally ran into this event put on by the City of Decatur, called “I Touched a Truck” A big parking lot, with lots of city trucks for kids to climb on and check out (firetrucks, cranes, garbage trucks, tractors, you name it).

So basically Lucas walked around in amazement the whole time.

He played with the knobs on the firetruck…

…and even got to sit inside a tractor.

Pretty much the best day ever.

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Easter 2011

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

We had a nice Easter last weekend. An egg hunt at daycare on Friday, and then again at home on Sunday after church, during which Lucas’ favorite parts seemed to be the music and the big fountain of holy water (thankfully he did not jump in).

Here are a couple of videos (pw=pitanga), the first one is at school on Friday, where it took him a little while to catch on to the game, and it wasn’t until afterwards that he realized there were treats inside. But a couple days later he’s got the whole thing figured out.


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