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Merry Christmas eve

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas, we’re having a relaxing one at home here.

Stella’s Baptism

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

With Christmas break finally here, a little extra time to get to update the blog.  Here are some photos of Stella’s baptism in Houston over Thanksgiving.

She was very sweet in her white dress and bonnet

Her godparents are Uncle Pat and Aunt Lori

Stella was very peaceful and interested in what was going on.  She liked the water and oil!

But she fell asleep before the end of it 🙂  This is hard work!

Sweet cousin Owen got all dressed up for the occasion too!

And he and Stella had some tummy time together to celebrate…

Stella At School

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

We brought Stella to her school today. She starts full time in January. From the looks of it, she is going to have a good time!

Thanksgiving in Houston

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

We had a super fun Thanksgiving weekend in Houston.  *Everyone* was there…Pat, Lori & Owen; Scott, Cherisse & Noah; and our Atlanta crew, all together again!  We all flew in on Thursday, including Dad just getting back from work in Iraq. So we shifted our turkey day to Friday.  My cousin Martin and his wife Jaqui drove in from Austin to join us as well.

Lots of fun getting all four cousins together.  Noah has a little brother (3) and a little sister (1), so he’s great with the kiddos. It’s so cliche to say…but I can’t believe how grown up he is all of the sudden!

And Stella and Owen are still best buds of course.

Stella spent some quality time in Owen’s play gym, wondering why hers at home is not nearly as cool… “mom can we get this one?!”

Of course all these Lockerds together was the perfect Christmas photo op.  Stella was a doll in her frilly dress.  No spoilers on the actual photo, but here’s one of our fam…

Later in the day, Thomaz got everyone organized for a trip to the go carts.  Lucas went along just to watch and loved it.  The competition was high among this motley crew.

Then on Saturday we all spent the day at Pat and Lori’s house, aka Club Med.  The rain let up enough for some hot tub lounging and some tex-mex on the patio.

Lucas thoroughly enjoyed watching grandpa Clark cut down a dead tree in the backyard with a chainsaw. Then Pat built a bonfire in their fire pit, and we still had time for a fierce game of catch phrase.

Sunday we had Stella baptized (that’ll get its own post soon). And in the evening we had dinner at the Cochran’s house.  It was great to catch up with them, and really fun to see Molly and Lucas have so much fun together.

Lucas had some good bonding time with grandpa Clark.  They did a lot of going out on the greenbelt with his tricycle, and stomping in the water with his boots.  This week since we’ve been home Lucas has twice asked me in the morning if we were going to the airport to go to Houston today.  And he asked to call grandpa Clark on the phone the other night at dinner 🙂

Fun fun weekend!

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Halloween 2011

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

The posts are piling up here, gotta get a Halloween post up before moving on to Thanksgiving 🙂

We had a fun Halloween here in Atlanta. The first one where Lucas really “got it” so we went around trick-or-treating for the first time. Our friend Ali brought over her twins Patrick and Simon who are about the same age. So we had a cute little crew.

Lucas was a highway, a costume idea we came up with because he is obsessed with cars and loves when we go on the highway. Mom and dad helped me put it together when we were in Houston the week before. And when I showed Lucas the finished product he declared that he wanted to be a dinosaur instead (lovely!) So I didn’t push it, and eventually he came around to thinking that being a highway was really cool. Especially after all the little boys at school were jealous of the cars on his costume. Stella was a cute little butterfly, or bjorn butterfly really. She was a good sport and enjoyed getting out and about in the neighborhood.

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