Lucas is 3!

On May 9th Lucas turned three!  And with a birthday in the middle of the week we had a fun filled birthday week celebrating multiple times. First at home on his real birthday, with grandma Jan and grandpa Clark who were here visiting.  We started off the day with L shaped pancakes.

And birthday hats of course…then Stella helped Grandpa Clark get the cupcake party set up for after school.

And on the weekend we had a fun party in the park with friends.  Stella stayed up while Lucas was napping, and was a big help with the party prep.

Fun times with the friends and neighbors!

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  1. Jan Lockerd says:

    Yay! What a Happy 3rd Birthday, Lucas! And Cupcakes too! m-m-m

  2. Sheila Kelly says:

    Looks like it was a Grand party how fun kids look so happy Cupcakes Yummmm!!

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