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Because the dad or mum of an basically baby, are you annoyed since you locate yourself  overindulging and overcompensating? Do you deal with your baby like an grownup, overpraise, or overprotect him? have you ever anticipated perfection out of your baby but didn't make principles and enforce them constantly? while you're no longer an ideal guardian of an in basic terms baby, you're not by myself.

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Older infants and toddlers begin to anticipate the coming separation. This may happen when they see their coat and diaper bag being readied by the caregiver at the end of the day, or when they see the parent. This is what is called separation anxiety. This is a normal part of development but is distressing to all involved. The intensity of this stage is dependent on many factors: attachment to the parents, temperament of the child, and experiences with consistent responsive caregivers. It can be minimized by establishing those good-bye rituals that Balaban (1987) speaks about in a very helpful book on this subject, Learning to Say Good-bye.

The child is curious and may frequently use the childsized toilet as a novelty. The new stimulating environment full of active play areas and new playmates may result in forgetfulness or inattention to toileting cues, leading to accidents. A matter-of-fact attitude by caregivers, along with a change into familiar clothing after a toileting accident, usually is all that is necessary to help the child cope with these events. Some children, however, have a delicate emotional response to new places, making it difficult to eliminate in this new surrounding.

Chicken Pox: ________ Scarlet Fever: ________ Hepatitis: ________ Diabetes: ________ Mumps: __________ Measles:_________ Other: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Does your child vomit easily? ____________ Does your child run high fevers often? ______________________ Has your child had any serious accidents? If so, please explain: ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Does your child have allergies?

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