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By Dr. Anjali Arora

Allegens reason gentle sneezing and coughing on one hand and will result in a serious response at the different. The sickness bronchial asthma , could be of other forms and severity. It levels from occasional tightness of chest and wheezing to critical shortness of breath and lowered oxygen degrees within the blood.

Information on kinds of bronchial asthma and measures to envision them are dealt by way of this ebook. This e-book additionally mentions that bronchial asthma might be controlled and taken care of with the aid of a formal vitamin, precautions and drugs.

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Replace carpeting with hardwood Wash your hands immediately after petting any animal. Medication Eye drops that contain antihistamines often help to reduce the itching, redness and swelling. If the itching and redness do not subside, non-steroidal antibiotic eye drops are often prescribed. Conjunctivitis An external layer of loosely bound skin covers each eyelid. The skin here is the thinnest in the body. The delicate mucous membrane lining the insides of both upper and lower eyelids extends over the front of the eye.

Inflammation of the conjunctiva, is a common disease. It is a painful infection of the eyes which makes them red and makes the eyelids become swollen and sticky. Allergic Conjunctivitis It is often due to common air borne allergens like pollen, dust and moulds. It is also present with hay fever. Symptoms • Itching • Reddening • Watering • Swelling Eyelids get stuck together after sleeping for a few hours. A thick mucous along with crust develops on the eyelashes. Precautions Wear sunglasses Do not use the towel or handkerchief of a person with conjunctivitis.

IgG is the largest amount of antibody found in the body. It is present in response to the presence of bacteria or virus. It also helps in blocking IgE from triggering an allergic response. IgD responds against food antigens. Allergic Reaction Type I – immediate or anaphylactic. This involves the presence of IgE immunoglobulin and the release of powerful chemicals from the cells of the body. It is present in diseases like asthma and hay fever. Allergies Which Commonly Occur Urticaria It is also known as hives or nettle rash.

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