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Furukawa: Materials Science Forum, 1987, 15-18, 1317-22 [235] Co-Ga: Ga Diffusion The concentrations of anti-structure atoms and vacancies in ordered alloys having the B2-structure were investigated via measurements of the continuous-wave nuclear Defect and Diffusion Forum Vol. 352 55 magnetic resonance intensities of Co and Ga. 7(eV)/kT] and to involve a nearest-neighbor vacancy jump mechanism. Furukawa: Materials Science Forum, 1987, 15-18, 1317-22 [236] Co2Nb: Co Diffusion Self-diffusion in the Laves phase was studied by using the 57Co radiotracer, and sputtering or mechanical sectioning.

Smeltzer: Journal of Nuclear Materials, 1990, 175, 90-5 [213] Be: H Diffusion The diffusion of T in Be was studied by measuring gas release from T-saturated specimens. Gibson: Journal of Nuclear Materials, 1967, 21, 353-4 [214] Be: H Diffusion Stepped isothermal annealing release measurements were performed, at 573 to 1173K, on irradiated samples. A combined diffusion/desorption model for T release permitted the determination of diffusion coefficients and desorption-rate constants in the mixed-mechanism regime, where both processes appeared to be rate-limiting.

8(kJ/mol)/RT] These values were higher than published estimates which had been based upon H evolution at high temperature. However, the present values were consistent with the results which had been obtained by using an electrolytic permeation method at almost room temperature. It was suggested that H atoms in Al diffused via the interstitial mechanism over the entire temperature range. Tanaka: Acta Metallurgica et Materialia, 1994, 42[7], 2493-8 [145] Al[l]: H Diffusion A technique which was based upon gas permeation measurements at a thin layer of liquid metal was used to obtain H diffusion data at 900 to 1000C.

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