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Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland

Past 50 colours OF gray. ..

Eighteen-year-old Alice is sad. Her boyfriend is sweet and well mannered, yet he's additionally fast and careless in mattress, and doesn't supply Alice the eye and diversity she craves. yet he's now not solely accountable, simply because Alice herself doesn't comprehend her personal wishes. She's heard approximately what intercourse is meant to be like, yet hasn't ever felt whatever remotely just about what she's examine in runaway bestselling books.

BEYOND nine half WEEKS. ..

Then Alice follows a vibrating white rabbit down a deep, darkish gap, which ends up in a spot past her wildest mind's eye. There are not any great boys--or girls--down right here. simply those that bask in mystery, forbidden, kinky fantasies.


Alice is careworn and anxious and. .. aroused. She is sure. Teased. Spanked. Toyed. delivered to the bounds of sexual patience. and through her trials, she starts off to appreciate her body's wishes for the first actual time.


This isn't the fairy story you grew up analyzing. This isn't for kids at all.

This is for people with darkish wants, who desire to discover erotic extra past the obvious vanilla of daily life. keep on with Alice down the rabbit gap, if you happen to dare. ..

Fifty colours of Alice in Wonderland is somewhat longer than the Lewis Carroll model, approximately 32,000 phrases or a hundred and fifteen paper pages lengthy. Melinda DuChamp is the pen identify of somebody you'll be aware of.

Dawn of the Dinosaur Age

"Dawn of the Dinosaur Age" provides the 1st act within the drama that might turn into the Mesozoic period, the Age of Reptiles. the increase of the 1st dinosaurs is the tale of chance and evolutionary innovation. the 1st dinosaurs, after residing within the shadows of bigger, extra dominant reptilian family, took benefit of significant mass extinctions on the finish of the Triassic interval to take over niches as soon as occupied by means of their predecessors.

Tashi and the Phoenix (Tashi series)

Uncle Tiki Pu is in negative hassle with the conflict Lord, and Tashi needs to depend upon assistance from a phoenix—by a gorgeous creature with eyes of crystal and tail feathers of gold—to shop him and his relations. Then Princess Sarashina’s sister is advised she needs to marry a guy who's sneaky and vicious rather than the nice, variety Cha Ming who loves her better of all.

Balance of power

A research of the character of energy in modern "empowered" businesses. The ebook explores what's the correct stability among authority and empowerment - how a lot authority should still staff have? It introduces the strategies of "balance" and "interdependence" and the amount and caliber of strength.

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How dare he try to dissuade the earl from marrying her! no doubt he had made her sound like a very bad bargain indeed. Linley had done nothing but mock and annoy Lydia ever since they had met four years earlier, when she had twisted her ankle at a game of lawn tennis. It had been during a weekend party at a friend's estate, to which many prominent families in Herefordshire had been invited. After Lydia had injured herself during an energetic volley, her younger brother Nicholas had helped her hobble to the shade of a luxuriant maple tree.

In other words, Craven is the father-in-law from hell. Wray is completely cowed by him. Your father won't hesitate to make your husband dance to whatever tune he plays... " "I won't let Papa bully him," Lydia said defensively. Linley responded with a derisive snort. He half-sat on the table, one foot swinging idly. "Your husband needs the ballocks to stand up to Craven without your protection. And Wray doesn't have them. " Lydia would have given almost anything to be able to contradict him. "A man can change," she said.

Your husband needs the ballocks to stand up to Craven without your protection. And Wray doesn't have them. " Lydia would have given almost anything to be able to contradict him. "A man can change," she said. " The uncertain lamplight made his rumpled hair shine like antiqued gold, and gleamed on his smooth-shaven skin. " Lydia was unable to speak, her pulse racing wildly as he approached her. She wasn't aware of backing away from him until she felt the wine rack against her shoulders and heard the rattle of bottles.

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