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Книга Osprey crusade №154. Acre 1291 Osprey crusade №154. Acre 1291 Книги Исторические Автор: D.Nicolle Формат: pdf Издат.:Osprey Страниц: ninety eight Размер: forty Mb ISBN: 084176 862 five Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Серия военныхкниг Campaignот Osprey.Скачать все ссылки (162книги, 5,7Gb) на серию Osprey crusade одним файлом:

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It's just that ... shhh ... it's so hard to explain. We just arrived here ~~is morning (He looks to Ka'wash and Abed, then back at the audience. ) This is Kufur Shamma. Forty years ago this was a village ... my village. I must tell you what has happened. I must tell you the story of Kufur Shamma. If I ... if we don't tell it, no one will ever knoW and the story, like the village, will disappear. My name is Walid. These are my friends, Ka'wash, Karim, Nijmeh, Hajaleh and Abed. I thank you for coming,67 Walid has introduced us to his circle of friends who take us on a poignant yet hilarious odyssey around the world to wherever the Palestinian diaspora is to be encountered-as refugees in camps, as wealthy exiles in Kuwait, and as new Arab-American immigrants in Massachussetts.

Houses are gone or in ruins; in their stead, Walid offers his former home the only gifts he currently possesses, the currency of human beings, Palestine's globetrotting tribes of native sons and daughters who miraculously managed to return. Return visits and actors playing returnees are self-conscious efforts to remember by performing acts of commemoration. Metanarratively, the actors' roles are to remember to remember through the familiar postures and cadences of el hakawati (the traditional storyteller), from whom this theater group has taken its name: Ka'wash: Walid!

Indeed, Abu J:Ianna prefers Palestinian Arab Ein Houd's reincarnation as a Jewish Israeli artists' colony, renamed and Hebraicized to Ein Hod, because in its post-1948 form, the village is now a living museum to a denied but not effaced Palestinian past and stands as an accusing witness to Israeli cultural and architectural pretensions and appropriations. 78 Abu J:Ianna is pointing to the obvious political ramifications of Ein Houd within the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict: how to interpret the Arab architectural presence of Ein HoudjEin Hod with its multilayered history of Palestinian past, Jewish Israeli present, and the constant litigation by former Arab inhabitants living nearby?

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