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This publication teaches the fundamentals of associate acrobatics with teenagers and teens. It exhibits the reader the way to arrange perform classes and organize performances. a realistic part provides uncomplicated acrobatic figures that experience proved to be of worth in perform.

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It eliminates laborious movement descriptions no one understands. Without images, the movements necessary to build human pyramids are very difficult to visualize. It would require lots of information and movement descriptions, often for several people at the same time, which can be very confusing and tiring for the individual. Using charts facilitates working independently on select pyramids within a small group. The children can decide for themselves which position they will take within the structure and how long they want to work on the individual movements and sequences.

Good preparation should not exclude partner-oriented balancing exercises. They exemplify the principle of balancing in mutual dependence and teach important qualities of self-perception and external perception. Establishing physical contact, building confidence, experiencing body tension and staying balanced together – a group with this much preparation should have no trouble learning the basics of building a human pyramid and partner acrobatics. 3 Acrobatics with Children When working with children, there is the initial question of what is the appropriate age to start with acrobatics.

They make it more difficult to maintain balance during standing balance exercises. Starting Out, but How? The following clothing advice is suggested: clothes should be skid-resistant. This makes leggings more suitable than loose sweatpants. Short gym shorts are not advisable because many of the exercises can cause irritation to the skin on the thighs. Athletic shoes with stiff soles should definitely not be worn. They impede the feel for balance in the feet and cause minor injuries when worn while climbing on other people.

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