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The images are terrible - inspite of a magnifying glass its very tricky to keep on with. This turns what may be a worthwhile studying adventure into expanding frustration for the younger engineer. Thumbs very down. the writer deserved greater schematic help!

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Motors The NXT kit comes with three motors (Figure 1-13). Figure 1-13. A NXT motor CH A PT ER 1 ■ I NT ROD UC TI ON You will notice that they appear rather large and bulky compared to the RCX motors. This is due to the high inner gearing that makes the motors much more powerful and reliable than the RCX’s motors (Figure 1-14). But as a result, NXT robots are much larger than RCX ones. Figure 1-14. Inner gearing of the NXT motor (Image courtesy of LEGO Education) NXT motors are servos. That means that their internal position and state can be controlled from an external unit—in this case the NXT Brick.

The editing section is the place where you actually write your program code. It features syntax highlighting, code completion, and intelligent indenting. Example Program Snippets You will now implement the simple sample program snippets with RobotC that you developed with NXT-G in the previous section. Driving Again, you need an infinite loop for the endless execution of the program. The two motors are run by two separate commands: // endless loop while(true) { // run motors B and C at a power level of 75% motor[motorB] = 75; motor[motorC] = 75; } CHAPTER 2 ■ A 3 ,000-FOOT LOOK AT NXT PROGRAMM ING ENVIRONMEN TS Stopping You stop the motors in a similar way to running them—just set the power to 0: // stop motors B and C motor[motorB] = 0; motor[motorC] = 0; Rotating Run motor A by reading the variable nMotorEncoder that is the degrees counter: // rotate motor by 45 degrees nMotorEncoder[motorA] = 0; while(nMotorEncoder[motorA] < 45 ) { motor[motorA] = 75; } motor[motorA] = 0; Accessing and Handling Sensor Values You need a loop for executing some statements until the ultrasonic sensor detects an object nearer than 50 inches: const tSensors ultrasonicSensor = (tSensors) S1; do { // perform some statements ...

The NXT device can be made invisible to other devices. The Bluetooth connectivity can even be switched off completely, mainly to save battery power. 10 SPS or newer. com/. Software Like any programmable device, the NXT requires a good deal of software. Without it the Brick and its attached hardware components would simply be a collection of plastic and metal lying motionless on your table. To bring a NXT robot to life, you need some things that pretty much all computerized gadgets depend on: • Operating system: the firmware • Data store: the NXT file system • Administrative tools: the Try Me feature and the programming software Firmware The NXT Brick brings along its own firmware (a piece of software that is embedded into hardware), which can be thought of as the operating system of the NXT.

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