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Owing to the above constraints it was mandatory to supplement the radioautographic study of choline-labeled lecithin with data obtained by subcellular fractionation in which use could be made of other labels (linoleic acid, glycerol, lysolecithin) and of normal rats. The most important finding which emerged from this combined radioautographic-biochemical investigation was that a very rapid exchange oc- Fig. 17. Liver of rat 75 minutes after injection of chylomicrons containing cholesterol- 3 H (15% in the form of cholesterol ester).

The lipid responsible for the radioautographic reaction at the very early time intervals was only 50-80% in esterified form, while 9 5 % was esterified in tissues post perfused for 2 minutes with unlabeled medium. 4 minute to 10 in those post perfused for 2 minutes, and the increase of grains over the lipid droplets coincided with the increase in the label in esterified form. The transfer of the lipid from the site of esterification in the endoplasmic reticulum to the site of storage in the form of the bulk lipid seemed to proceed directly and did not require intermediate forms as postulated by others (Angel and Sheldon, 1965).

Liver of ethanol-treated rat 5 minutes after injection of glycerol- 3 H. The radioautographic reaction which represents labeled triglycéride is concentrated over a lipid droplet, which represents the "slowly turning over" lipid compartment. X 26,000. (From O. Stein and Stein, 1967a, reproduced by permission of the Editor of/. ) Light and Electron Microscopic Radioautography ofLipids 27 palmitate-3H as tracer and the finding of radioautographic grains over clusters of particles, 10-12 minutes after injection of the tritiated fatty acid, at a time when most of the label in the liver was in triglycérides (Figs.

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