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By Steve Bloomfield

Africa United is the tale of recent day Africa advised via its football. traveling throughout 13 international locations, from Cairo to the Cape, Steve Bloomfield, the previous Africa Correspondent for The Independent, meets avid gamers and enthusiasts, politicians and insurgent leaders, getting to know the function that football has performed in shaping the continent. This wide-ranging and incisive ebook investigates Africa’s love of football, its expanding worldwide effect, the build-up to the 2010 global Cup itself and the social and political backdrop to the best convey on the earth.

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As soon as independence had been won, the left-wing prime minister, Patrice Lumumba, was faced with a mutiny, the secession of the country’s mineral-rich province, Katanga, led by Moise Tshombe, and (within months of their departure) the return of Belgian troops. The United Nations, invited by Lumumba, arrived in an attempt to defend the country’s borders the same year. In 1961, after Lumumba requested Soviet support, he was overthrown by the country’s president and then assassinated by Tshombe, who followed plans laid by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The statistics do not challenge the argument that the effects of mass unemployment—typical of deindustrialized urban life in the South—have created a new class of the wageless poor, excluded from the world of work. The working class seems now, by implication, a tiny and privileged group, many of whom live outside the township slum and have interests separate from the majority of the urban poor. However, a closer look at the statistics reveals something quite different. If we examine the household, we can see extraordinary mixing of the different and seemingly divided groups of the poor.

This convinced Marx and Engels of the necessity of the “permanent revolution”—a small and relatively inexperienced proletariat, who were always the radical and most determined element in revolutionary struggle, must lead the fight for socialist transformation until it was victorious across the globe. This would be all 28 CLASS STRUGGLE AND RESISTANCE IN AFRICA the more so in the colonial world, where a national bourgeoisie was hardly able to raise its head as an independent power under the weight of the European metropolis.

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