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Meet the best heroes of africa--from historical to fashionable times"The books within the Black Stars sequence are the kinds of books that will have particularly captivated me as a kid."--Earl G. Graves, Black firm magazineKofi AnnanAskia the GreatBambaataBehanzin Hossu BowelleStephen BikoCetewayoConstance Cummings-JohnImhotepKenneth KaundaJomo KenyattaKhamaSir Seretse KhamaPatrice LumumbaAlbert John LuthuliNelson MandelaMenelik IIMosheshMansa MusaKwame NkrumahJulius NyerereNzinghaPiankhyRabahHaile SelassieAlbertina SisuluOsei TutuYoussef I

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Rabah accompanied the expedition. Zobeir’s slave-trading business was so successful that he established his own kingdom in the Sudan, which displeased the Egyptians. Egypt, which had been under the indirect control of Great Britain for years, was in the process of conquering the Sudan at the time (1870s).

Khama escaped. Not long afterward, Sekhomi had to flee as well, for Macheng tried to poison him. Under Macheng, who was not a good leader, Bechuanaland fell into chaos as various chiefs began to jockey with one another for power. Secheng, chief of the Bakwena, attacked and captured Macheng and ordered that he be shot. But Khama, who kept current on what was happening in the capital, interceded on his brother’s behalf. Instead of being killed, Macheng was banished from the tribe. He died shortly afterward.

He apparently considered Africans simpleminded and went through an elaborate pantomime to demonstrate what would happen if Moshesh did not put his mark on the treaty. Smith alternately pretended to snore and to cry, by which he meant to show the peaceful sleep of peace if the treaty were signed and the anguish of war if Moshesh did not. Moshesh was amused by the performance, but he signed the treaty because he understood the grave dangers that confronted him and his people. He had no doubt that the Boers and the British would put aside their enmity and unite against him if it suited their purposes.

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