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By Michael Gecan

An established group organizer outlines how to opposite the fifty-year decline in social mobility and fiscal growth.

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For more recent immigrants, the city has been stripped of opportunity in some places and sealed off in others. The Democratic machine and its allies have fought an increasingly costly rear-guard action for nearly half a century. At the end of that period, the image of the city has been burnished, but Chicago is basically broke. Housing abandonment, homelessmichael gecan  ness, and foreclosure rates are all at historic highs. 34 public school children were murdered during the 2006-7 school year alone.

Even with low taxes, even with 600,000 private sector jobs, even with 60,000 more workers traveling to the county for work than commuting from it, the county finds itself in structural fiscal distress. When reality is finally and fully faced, it is not all bad. While a whole generation of institutions has declined, a new generation has begun to emerge. In DuPage the Muslim and Hispanic communities are rising and eager to contribute to the next phase of the county’s life. Evangelical congregations are thriving all across the country, many arriving at their own mid-life moment after 30 years of astonishing growth.

While there is not much fat in honest-to-god affordable-housing development, the foreclosure business is booming for lawyers, sheriffs, court clerks, and moving companies. One of the great new growth areas for patronage and profit has been criminal justice and incarceration. In 1970 there were only 7,326 men and women in prison in Illinois. By 2005, there were 44,000. Illinois now ranks 49th in state dollars dedicated to education, while it is near the top of the list in state michael gecan  funding for prisons.

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