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By Gabrielle V. Novacek

On January 29, 2005, the Oriental Institute celebrated the reliable public beginning of the Haas and Schwartz Megiddo Gallery. This get together marked the go back of a few of the main outstanding artifacts ever excavated within the southern Levant to everlasting public reveal. The Oriental Institute's prolific background of exploration within the zone is testomony to a long-standing scholarly ardour for discovery and the pursuit of data. This quantity attracts from the momentum generated by means of the outlet of the Megiddo Gallery and offers a variety of highlights from the Institute's larger Israel assortment.

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In addition to being the only documented and reasonably dated historical event involving a large number of Semitic peoples both residing in the Nile Delta and being pursued into the southern Levant by the pharaoh’s armies, the Hyksos era also provides a suitable backdrop in which the biblical figure of Joseph could have ascended to a prominent position within the pharaoh’s court. edu ancient israel 7. 7. 3 cm OIM A23851 that when the transition from the Early Bronze IV / Middle Bronze I period to the Middle Bronze II took place around 2000 BC, a number of features of the new urban culture of the southern Levant rapidly emerged in fully developed form, most likely as a result of influence from Amorite cultural groups living farther to the north in Syria.

18 b. edu the late bronze age T HIS G OL D PEN DA N T IS embossed with an image of the Canaanite goddess Astarte. In Canaanite religious mythology, Astarte was the great goddess, consort of Ba‘al, the god of fertility and storms. Astarte herself was usually associated with sexuality, fertility, war, and the productive powers of nature. In mythological texts from the ancient city of Ugarit (located in coastal Syria) she can also be androgynous. Astarte appears under several additional names in Canaanite religious texts, including Asherah, ‘Anat, Ba‘alat, and Elath.

HUMAN FIGURINES HAVE BEEN The female figurines can most likely be associated with characters from the Canaanite pantheon of gods. A great mother goddess appears in Canaanite religious texts under several names, including Asherah, ‘Anat, Astarte, Ba‘alat, and Elath. In the Hebrew Bible, she appears almost exclusively as Asherah, the consort of Ba‘al, god of fertility and storms. Despite the emergence of monotheistic Israelite religion, archaeological evidence suggests that women continued to practice fertility cults in the home.

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