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By Gabrielle V. Novacek

On January 29, 2005, the Oriental Institute celebrated the professional public starting of the Haas and Schwartz Megiddo Gallery. This celebration marked the go back of a few of the main striking artifacts ever excavated within the southern Levant to everlasting public reveal. The Oriental Institute's prolific heritage of exploration within the area is testomony to a long-standing scholarly ardour for discovery and the pursuit of data. This quantity attracts from the momentum generated via the hole of the Megiddo Gallery and current a variety of highlights from the Institute's higher Israel assortment.

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The Re-Emergence of the Single State Solution in Palestine/Israel: Countering an Illusion

Offering the 1st in-depth highbrow and organizational mapping of the one kingdom idea’s contemporary resurgence in Palestine/Israel, this booklet enquires into its nature as a phenomenon of resistance, in addition to into its capability as a counterhegemonic strength within the making opposed to the strategies of Zionism.

The Slopes of Lebanon

In addition to being considered one of Israel’s preeminent writers of fiction, Amos ounces was once one of many first voices of judgment of right and wrong in Israel to recommend the construction of a Palestinian nation and has been a number one determine of the Peace Now circulate on account that 1977. This amazing selection of essays deals Oz’s cogent perspectives on Israel’s offensive into Lebanon in 1982; fanaticism of all stripes; the PLO; Israeli terrorism; the recent militarism and the starting to be intolerance towards the Arab inhabitants in Israel; Jewish attitudes towards the Holocaust, and its misappropriation via the fitting and left alike; Claude Lanzmann’s movie Shoah; the dream of Zionism and its mess ups; and masses extra.

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In 1997, a tragedy struck the kinfolk of Israeli-American Miko Peled: His loved niece Smadar used to be killed by means of a suicide bomber in Jerusalem. That tragedy propelled Peled onto a trip of discovery. It driven him to re-evaluate a few of the ideals he had grown up with, because the son and grandson of prime figures in Israel's political-military elite, and reworked him right into a brave and visionary activist within the fight for human rights and a hopeful, lasting peace among Israelis and Palestinians.

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Questions of how and why these cities developed in the region have long been of interest to scholars who have noted that when urbanism returned to the southern Levant, it was fully developed in terms of architectural styles, city planning, and ceramic technologies. Studies tracing the styles and influences of various aspects of Middle Bronze Age material culture and architecture in the southern Levant have suggested that the new urbanism is probably somehow connected to cultural influences from Syria, where Semitic-speaking Amorite groups were culturally dominant in the region west of the Euphrates River.

Translation from Moran ed. and trans. 2002, 298–99. 26 ancient israel The seat of the Hare nome (the 15th nome of Upper Egypt) was in Hermopolis, near the modern Egyptian city of Mallawi. The nome’s administrative officials were buried in the rock-cut necropolis of adjacent Bersheh. Djehutyhotep’s burial place has been identified as one of the most spectacular tombs at the site. A relief inside the tomb depicts the transport of a colossal statue by sled from the calcite quarry at Hatnub. Djehutyhotep’s statuette was found in a secondary context at Megiddo where it was used as a building stone within a Late Bronze Age wall along with other Egyptian statue fragments.

Long-robed men are often considered to be particularly characteristic of the southern Levant. Also quite common to the ivories are motifs which imitate Egyptian styles. Examples include depictions of the Egyptian god Anubis and the papyrus column (djed ), representing stability and endurance. In addition to Egyptianizing styles, the artisans of Megiddo also drew inspiration from the Aegean world where the Mycenaean civilization was at its peak. One of the most famous ivory pieces from Megiddo is the small griffin carved in relief (no.

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