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I N N O VAT I O N I N E N TE R TA I N M E N T 30 animation (an-uh-MAY-shin) a series of still images that appear to be moving when shown quickly one after another anime (A-nih-may) a style of animation that originated in Japan featuring stark graphics and characters with big eyes and expressive faces audio (AW-dee-oh) television or motion picture sound, or the sending, receiving, or reproduction of sound cartoon (kar-TOON) a film that is made from a series of drawings or other graphics and that looks to be in motion because of small changes in each frame celluloid (SEL-yuh-loid) a material similar to plastic that was made into clear sheets for use in animation computer-generated imagery (kuhm-PYOO-tur-JEN-uh-ray-tid IMuhj-ree) a type of animation that uses computer technology mascots (MASS-kotss) characters, people, animals, or objects that symbolize or represent a group praxinoscope (praks-EYE-nuh-scohp) an early animation device that projected a strip of pictures onto a theater screen rotoscope (ROH-toh-scohp) a device that projected frames from live-action film onto a drawing table silhouettes (sill-oo-ETS) dark outlines seen against a lighter background spool (SPOOL) a reel on which film is wound sprocket (SPROK–it) a wheel with a rim that has toothlike points that fit into the holes in something to move it through a machine such as a movie projector stop-motion animation (STOP-MOH-shuhn an-uh-MAY-shin) a type of animation in which objects are adjusted and then filmed or photographed; when the images are quickly played back, the objects appear to move thaumatrope (THAW-muh-trohp) a toy consisting of a disk with a string that, when spun, created an optical illusion An i ma ti on 31 BOOKS Cohen, Judith Love.

Many consider it to be the world’s first feature-length animated film. She lit her stunning silhouettes from behind to create the 300,000 frames needed! Silhouette animation requires a lot of patience. Artists must be able to deal with time restrictions while still producing quality work. Reiniger was a genius with cutting tools. Her films reflect her lifelong commitment to mastering her craft. It took more than two years of careful, precise work to complete the film. Few have been able to duplicate her graceful, intricate images.

Spilsbury, Richard. Cartoons and Animation. Chicago: Heinemann Library, 2007. com Visit this site for fun facts about the company’s animated films I N N O VAT I O N I N E N TE R TA I N M E N T 32 2-D animation, 4 3-D animation, 4–5 Aardman Studios, 29 The Adventures of Prince Achmed, 29 Anchors Aweigh, 18 anime, 14 Barbera, Joseph, 13 Blackton, J. Stuart, 7–8 Blanc, Mel, 26–27 Botany Mills textile company, 22 Bray, John, 9, 10 Disney Studios. See Walt Disney Studios. , 5, 7 Park, Nick, 29 performance capture, 19 Pixar Studios, 15, 16 Pokémon, 14 The Polar Express, 19 praxinoscope, 7 Puppetoons, 13 Disney, Lillian, 26 Disney, Roy, 26 Kelly, Gene, 18 The Incredibles, 17 Iwerks, Ub, 26 limited animation, 13–14 live action, 17–19 Reiniger, Lotte, 29 replacement animation.

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