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By Sheila Jeffreys

The sexual revolution of the 1960's and 1970's is usually thought of a time while the women's flow made nice strides. during this provocative e-book, Sheila Jeffreys argues that this a lot heralded sexual freedom didn't represent any genuine achieve for ladies yet persisted the culture in their oppression. on the root of sexual liberation, Jeffreys reveals an expanding eroticization of strength alterations in the heterosexual, lesbian, and homosexual communities.

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The right to freedom of speech enshrined in the US constitution. The anti-censors have always argued that their fight for sexual literature was a fight for the freedom to speak about socialism too. So long as there was the true mixing of tongues that would result from freedom of speech, they claimed, then truth would out. The message that the public chose would be what they genuinely wanted and what was good for them. To explain this point, Rembar quotes a judge on the issue of truth. In the free interchange of ideas, the truth will emerge.

P. 109. , p. 111. 103 The sections on 'emotional friendships' and 'sexual inversion' are the central core of Hutton's book. 104 She agrees that women's friendships are often 'marred' by such things but goes on to suggest why that might be. One reason was that conflict might arise from unexpressed sexuality. What she calls the 'characteristic transitoriness of women's friendships' she explains in terms of the pressure put upon friendships which receive none of the societal acceptance and support accorded to heterosexual relationships.

Single women were in limbo, allowed only to be perpetual maiden aunts. They were pitied because they were assumed to be lonely and desperately unhappy, but no crumb of comfort was offered nor any alternative to the lone celibate life. The 1950s was the last decade in which the 'spinster' was seen to be a problem. The plight of single women in the 1950s stands out in stark relief, however, when contrasted with their situation in prewar Britain. As the result of a powerful feminist movement and changing social and economic forces, single women had grown greatly in numbers and independence in the 1920s and 30s.

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