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Transporter - wer kennt sie schon! КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: AlbaЯзык: немецкийКоличество страниц: 89Формат: pdf Размер: 53.47 Мб zero

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Transporter - wer kennt sie schon!

Transporter - wer kennt sie schon! КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: AlbaЯзык: немецкийКоличество страниц: 89Формат: pdf Размер: fifty three. forty seven Мб ifolder. ru zero

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In addition, fierce public debates over false accusations of sexual abuse by fathers, teachers or therapists, arising from repressed memory and so-called ‘false memory syndrome’, have added to the public consciousness of this issue. There is now an active child protection ‘movement’ in which stakeholders such as counsellors, therapists, doctors, the police, parents, academics, social workers and probation workers compete for public attention on the matter of child abuse. Children’s rights are one sub-set of the issue of rights per se.

It is also clear, however, that very low rates of female sexual abuse have been found in mainstream studies thus far (see Grubin 1998: 23–5 for a review of this literature). Doyle (1994: 43) reports a consistent ratio of about 1:30 of female to male abusers and Dobash, Carnie and Waterhouse (1993) found 99 per cent of abusers to be male. 7 per cent of male victims were abused by males. Given that these figures show males to represent the vast majority of perpetrators of child sexual abuse, and notwithstanding the gap in research on female abusers inside and outside sport, the abuser is referred to throughout this book as ‘he’.

It is also important to spend some time considering why there is confusion over certain terms in this field and how the language used to describe and evaluate sexual exploitation in sport can compound or ameliorate the problem. This chapter sets out, therefore, to map the terminological terrain and to explain why and how particular terms have been adopted in this book. The different policy and political implications that flow from different terms, and the major discourses that characterise the responses of sport authorities and individuals to sexual exploitation issues, are examined in Chapter 9.

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